Moving from college to corporate world is akin a new birth. The corporate draught chills up the senses and you are left with a feeling of numbness. But with pace of an ant and adaptability of an ape-man, you soon get aligned with the new world. My work count now stands at ten days and … More

I am a born advocate of equality on all bases and on all platforms, and this makes me a brazen discriminator.  And I discriminate against the chosen ones. When everybody is on the wrong pan of the scale, you shouldn’t hold it at its fulcrum but should rather sit over the right pan with loaded … More

Into Thin Air

The gateway to most of the Himalayan treks is Rishikesh(there are some trek routes in kumaon too which begin at Nanital). The one we are taking is the Rishikesh-Chamba-Uttarkashi-Aghora route. We are aiming for a record time to reach Surya top, a mountain peak at 13100 ft. It started on 26th Nov    22 hours    Departure … More Into Thin Air

book4- Gobar

This semester is among the most dormant of all the academic calenders I ever had. This jan, I found my niche in resting. Since january I have done nothing…no sports, no trips, no snooker, like always ‘no studies’ and like never ‘no vacation at home’. I m jaunting back home for first time this year,thanks … More book4- Gobar